Welcome to a new run of Hasta que la Mafia os Separe (‘Til Mafia do us part)!!

Gaetano Badalamenti heads toward the altar with a firm pace, like always. His wedding will join two of the most powerful mafiosi families from both sides of the Atlantic. The best of the best, la crema della Mafia, will be invited to the ceremony and the party afterwards will be remembered for decades. Singers, cinema starlets, producers, businessmen, even the aristocracy, all the caro amicos of the Badalamenti will attend, so dress in your best to join us for the wedding of the century.

«Til Mafia do us Part” is a larp set in the golden age of the Sicilian Mafia, seen through the glamourous lens of Hollywood. This is the second run of this amazing larp, and we hope you’ll join us in our new run.

It’s not the first time that Producciones Gorgona visits the whereabouts of the Badalamenti Family. This larp is the third installment of this thematic trilogy. In it, we have known the current affairs of them, in a larp called “Mafia”, and in “Sicilia, 1923” we explored the early stages of the Mafia in Sicily, with a mix of the rich mythology of the island. In the first larp we went for a realistic portray of the Mafia and for exploring the ruling machismo and how the gender roles shape or break everyone in it. In the second one we had an mythic origin approach, mixing the origins of the Badalamenti family, the Mafia and the myths of Sicily with the 20’s political turmoil. In this third larp, the focus is glamour and golden memories, an idealized past that probably never was, instead of going for the gritty reality of a dangerous organization. This larp, like the two previous ones, is independent in story and structure, and there is no “right” order to play them, nor it is needed to know anything about the happenings in the other two. This is the story of a family, and for this occasion we will meet them during a 50’s wedding, and we hope that you come to visit them with us in our most ambitious project to date!

Producciones Gorgona larp style  is narrative-immersionist, without numeric gamist systems of rules. During the larp, our aim is that each and every of you take the leading role of your own personal story, and through an emotional trip that takes you to our idealized vision of the 50’s Mafia. We will curate the immersion using the atmosphere, the music, the meals and the interaction with the rest of players. We will interact with you using npcs that will add drama and events during the larp, and you will have your own personal character, with a written background that will link it with other characters and the events that will unfold during the weekend.

The main event of the larp is a wedding in the 50’s, and when we say dress your best, we mean it. This will require some wardrobe effort from the players, and we will do our best to guide you with documents and advice to add to the visual impact of the scenes. We have a Costume Guide and a Pinterest in the making to help you from the start, and enough information about your character will be given months in advance to let you as much time as you need for the preparations. 


40 player spots

Dates: 29th april-1st May 2022

Genre: Mob drama

Place: Molino Galan (Alborache, Valencia)

Standard Price: 250€

Languages: English and Spanish (as diegetic)


Directed and produced by Mirella Machancoses and José Fabregat

Script by Mirella Machancoses, José Fabregat, Al Burton and Oscar

Video and additional help by Elena Cacahuete

Based on an original idea by José Fabregat

What does the price tag include?

  • Lodgement in a double or 4 people room, all of them inside a beautiful country house.
  • Meals from Friday dinner until Sunday breakfast.
  • A wonderful wedding banquet.
  • Wine and refreshments.
  • A photocall with a vintage car.
  • Live concert of a Jazz band.
  • A full character sheet written by organizers with well-related characters and stories (we compromise to give it to you at least one month before the larp). Before, you will get a summary of the character.

If you want to know how to join us, you can read everything here!