This is a game by Mirella Machancoses for Game Chef 2016. This is not an usual larp, but an inmersive experience through music and dance. It isn’t a game for all the publics, but we hope you can enjoy it. If you play it, send an e-mail to the author (, as she would love to read your feedback.

This game was originally published in Spanish (as the poems were in that language), but we hope you can still enjoy it in English. Special thanks to Mo Holkar for his help.

Game: Ojos Verdes (Green Eyes)

Players: 2 (it could be played by some more)

Type: Freeform

Key words: dance, oriental music, legends of Bécquer, 19th century Spanish poetry


 “For a long time I have wanted to write something with this title. Now that the occasion has arisen, I have written it with capital letters on the first sheet of paper, and then I have let my pen wander at will…”  (Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Armand F. Baker translation)

For generations, music has been a method for letting our feelings go, for telling our stories, for untying our limits. But the Internet and technology have come to replace a lot of the social interaction derived from it. We now write Facebook statuses and tweets, or we do selfies. Sometimes, we should go back, feel our body, let ourselves go, lose our own inhibitions, use the dance for telling our story. And that is what this game is about.

Download link: Click here.